Levi's GranFondo

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Damn, we attract some good lookin' folks .. you look absolutely AWESOME in pictures (so far).

So, you get a shot snapped of you looking real good as you crest the meanest of hills. Triumph. Nobility. Athleticism. This stuff is oozing out of this photo. Where do you get your mitts on this pic? Well, there's an album for each of the Fondo event photographers, so flip on through. Everything you see in there is available for sale and/or immediate download, without the GranFondo watermark. Delicious. No worries about size or cropping--we can print up any of these pixel-perfect shots because we have HUGE files at the ready.
Browse the galleries of these image-getters. These highly skilled camera-wielding folks travel the world living in dodgy motels, out of the trunks of subcompact rental cars, sipping luke-warm venti lattes and taking advantage of free wireless wherever they can. Equipment costs, time, and their travel expenses add up, so believe us when we say that we are providing our photos at a keen bargain. We're not just saying that.
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